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As its name implies, there is no baking involved which makes this cake the perfect dessert for the harried.
While ‘No Bake Chocolate Cake’ is a fitting name for this cake it is also known as a Chocolate Biscuit Cake, pudding style cake, a Refrigerator Cake, and a Chocolate Tiffin (‘Tiffin’ being an Anglo-Indian term for lunch or afternoon snack).


Its hassle free and tastes absolutely delish. It is creamy, rich and one easy dessert that can be put together in no time. Everyone will absolutely love this textured cake with Layers of coffee flavored biscuits smeared with custard sauce and the delicious choco layer. The biscuits will soak up the coffee decoation and the custard making them flaky and ohh…so melt in the mouth texture. Delicious, Pure indulgence !!!


serves 6-8

cooking and prep time :- 30 mints



  • 2 tbls – custard powder
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 cup – condensed milk
  • 1 cup – normal milk
  • 3 full pack – rich/ normal tea biscuits
  • 1 small cup coffee decotion
  • 1 cup chocolate sauce
  • 1/2 cup hazelnuts to topImage


    Prepare the vanilla custard following the instructions from the custard pack or  Dissolve the custard powder in a little warm milk. Heat rest of the milk (normal and condensed) to a boil. Add sugar. After a few minutes , add the custard powder dissolved milk. Heat it on low flame till it thickens and is cooked. Stir constantly to prevent from burning. Consistency of the custard should be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon .Turn off the flame and allow to cool.


    To prepare the coffee decoction, bring a cup of water to boil and turn off the flame. Then add a sachet of instant coffee powder or a tbls of coffee powder to it. Allow it to sit for 5 mins and it’s ready to use.

  • making of biscuit cake

    Line a square cake tin with a layer of cling film with the sides hanging outside the cake tin(optional) Avoid it if you plan to serve the cake directly from the tin in pieces. First, dip the biscuit in warm coffee decoction for a few seconds. Do not dip the biscuits for long as we don’t want the biscuits too soggy. They should retain a light crunch from within. Layer the base of the suare tin with biscuits dipped in coffee decocation.The biscuits will absorbs it. Next, spread a good helping of the prepared custard over this layer.

  • Repeat with another layer of biscuits dipped in coffee decoction, topped with another layer of vanilla custard. Build about 3-4 layers, not beyond that, as it will not hold shape while serving. Top it with a thick warm chocolate sauce and pour over the top biscuit layer. Toast some hazelnuts, remove the husk and coarsly chop or crush and sprinkle on top of chocolate layer.


    Place it in the fridge for few hours (about 4-5 hrs). If you plan to serve it for lunch, prepare it the overnight and let if refrigerate. Remove from the fridge about 5-10 minutes before serving.  Tastes best when served immediately after taking it from the fridge.



    • I made my own chocolate sauce – 1 cup milk, 3 tsp – cocoa powder, 2- tbls sugar , 1 tsp custard powder. Mix everything and simmer till thick, stirring constantly.  Cool for 15 minutes and pour over the biscuit layer.
    • I have used indian type custard powder which is easily available in most asian stores. If not available you can easily replace it with homemade custard or even whipping cream.
    • I like using condensed milk or evaporated milk to make custard, it adds a rich taste. It can be replaced with normal milk too.
    • If you dont like coffee flavour, can dip the biscuits in milk too.
    • This easy cake can be made a day or two ahead if you are making it for a party. It would be a real mob pleaser.
    • Tea biscuits, marie biscuits , krack-jac, graham crackers, ginger cookies, shortbread cookies or other types of butter cookies can be used with excellent results.
    • You could try ginger biscuits or something different to give it some twist.
    • The amount of custard in each layer purely depends on your choice. If you like custard then add it more generously covering the biscuit layer completely.


    Thank you for visiting my space. I love to hear from you. Your comments are really appreciated…


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