9 Jun


Blackgram is one of the most widely used pulse in india.
It is used in a number of culinary preparations such as papad and curries. The green wholesome pods of Black Gram are mainly consumed as vegetables. Black Gram, also known as Urad Dal, is also used for preparing idlis, vadas and dhosas.

I mostly make vada’s with black gram (except while iam making dahi vada’s or for guests). The black vada doesn’t look appealing to everyone.
Though it does not look as attractive as white gram fitters, this is more tasty and nutritious.
I have seen this made by many relatives and family friends in but they wash …..and wash the black gram some 10 …12 times, till all the skin is washed up….and its white. What’s the need of making it with whole gram if we are throwing its husk, which is the most nutritious part. Once you have eaten the blackgram wont go back to the other varieties. Many of my family friends and neighbors have asked me to include this recipie ……so here it is.
Makes 10 vadas.  
Cooking time : 15 mnts

Ingredients :-
#  1 cup – blackgram (whole urad)
#  1 cup split white gram
#  2 tsp- rice
#  piece of ginger
#  1 small carrot
#  1 small onion
#  5 green chilies
#  chopped coriander leaves
#  salt to taste
#  oil for frying
#  few curry leaves
#  1/2 tsp pepper

Wash and soak both Urad dals and rice for at least 4 hrs in water.  Grind soaked Urad dal by sprinkling 1/4 cup of water little by little or even less . Add finely chopped Onion,Green chilies, Ginger, Curry leaves, Coriander leaves, Pepper ,grated carrot and Salt to the Ground Urad dal. Mix all the ingredients with the by hand.Let this batter sit in the freezer for 10– 15mins. Wet your palm with little water. Take a small amount of batter in your left palm, flatten it lightly, shape them into round and make a hole in the center.  Drop it carefully into hot oil, turning once in a while,deep fry till golden brown. This can be served as a snack, as a side dish with rice or for breakfast. Serve hot with any chutney or tomato ketchup.

Some medicinal values of black gram:-

#  It Serves as an emollient and has a comfy effect on human skin. #  Preferably used as a nervine tonic, due to the essential ingredients present in it.
#   When taken with gourd juice and honey, Black Gram heals mild diabetes, if taken daily for 3-4 months.
#  Black Gram acts as a healthy supplement for people suffering from malnutrition.
#   Black Gram can be taken with wheat bread and honey for treating impotency. It heals a number of nervous disorders such as weakness of memory, schizophrenia, nervous weakness and hysteria.
#  Black Gram paste, when applied on hair keeps dandruffs at bay and cures a number of hair problems at the same time lengthening the hair to a maximum level.
#  Black Gram treats digestive disorders and is crucial in curing gastric catarrh, dysentery, dyspepsia and diarrhea.
#  Rheumatic pains, stiff shoulder and contracted knee can be healed with the help of the medicinal properties present in Black Gram.



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