7 Jun


Double ka meetha is a famous specialty of hyderabadi cuisine. It is made from bread slices fried in ghee and soaked in milk with saffron and cardamom.
Do you know bread puddings or desserts made from bread are popular all over the world ???.
They invented bread as a filling healthy meal. But then someone sat and thought……what to do with all this leftover bread.
Thats exactly what i did. With my bread baking spree i had lots of half cut broken bread crumbs… i decided to make this double ka meetha. I debated if i should post this or not coz this is a heavy rich dessert making waistlines grow :). (Not a healthy choice ). Atleast while you are having it…….you forget everything except its amazing taste.

Though this recipie uses the same ingredients as the hyderabadi ” double ka meetha” its a bit different. Cooking by this method,this sweet can be stored for 15 to 20 days in a refrigerator.
This is how my elders used to make it from where i was born and bought up.

Cooking time : 30 mints


Bread slices – 8
Sugar – 1 full cup
Condensed milk – 1 &;1/2 glass
Dry fruits
Ghee – 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder

Cut the bread into quarters. Cut the edges of the bread too and then quarter it neatly.
In a pan, add some ghee and shallow fry the bread slices. Turn them well and fry both sides till they are golden brown in color.
Make the sugar syrup by adding the sugar and half cup water in a separate pan until the syrup becomes quite thick. Remove from the heat and now add the cardamom powder.
Boil the milk and add some saffron strands to it.
Arrange all the bread slices in a deep pan.
Now pour the sugar syrup over all the bread slices.
When the bread soaks up the sugar syrup. Add the milk and cook for 5 minuttes on slow flame.
Stirring now and then,the bread will break and become soft.
Garnish this dessert with some nuts and saffron strands. Serve it cooled

or chilled.

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